Areas of expertise include (please click for more information):


    Leaders of small to mid-market size organizations who are committed to make a change are CDL Business Consulting’s niche audience. Cathy Lieberman’s focus is to provide a tangible return on investment through structured assessments, skill and confidence building, enhanced performance and leadership development to improve business results.

    • Skill and Confidence Building – helping clients more effectively present ideas and improve their productivity by focusing on problem solving and establishing accountability for results.
    • Enhanced Performance– helping clients overcome the barriers to their own success by focusing on their goals and strategies for achievement
    • Leadership competency and high potential development – helping clients understand and work through relationship/stress management issues and build on their strengths to influence decision making.

Executive Search:

    CDL Business Consulting knows that organizational growth and prosperity are the keys to success. We seek talent that will be a good fit for your organization’s culture providing leaders who will fuel your organization’s growth. We maintain a strong network of executives with relationships in both the nonprofit and for profit worlds. This network enables us to access candidates that are highly skilled and creative strategic thinkers who will invigorate your organization. Our ability to maximize technology tools, coupled with our deep commitment to grow nonprofits and small to medium size businesses with an eye on innovation and the future gives our clients an edge.

Change Management:

    CDL Business Consulting guides executive teams with strategy formulation and execution, change management, organizational effectiveness, and leadership development. Our focus is to help organizations solve business problems resulting from organizational challenges. We design and facilitate planning processes tailored to an organization’s specific needs, time line and budget to create or solidify the organization’s mission, vision and values and produce realistic plans for long-term goal achievement.

    Our specialties include:

    • Strategic and business planning (download PDF presentation)
    • Change and transition management
    • Leadership development
    • Team-building and conflict resolution
    • Performance management
    • Process improvement
    • Retreat facilitation

Nonprofit specific specialties to advance your cause:

    CDL Business Consulting’s principal Cathy Lieberman is a visionary and trusted advisor to board and staff leaders. Her technique was refined during a 10-year commitment to inspiring and educating donors, staff and volunteers. She drives her clients to independence by building their capacity to create a significant community return on investment. Her specialties in this area include:

    • Linking Development to Business Strategy
      Design funding strategies to drive revenue:
      • Major fundraising events
      • Donor cultivation through relationship building
      • Capital campaigns, funding research, and resource development.
      • Membership drives and retention initiatives.
    • Board Development and Governance Initiatives (download PDF presentation)
      • Conduct organizational assessments.
      • Guide boards on their duties, composition, recruitment, and committee structure.
      • Provide counsel on board/staff relations, staff development and coaching.
      • Plan and facilitate board and staff retreats and/or meetings to create or clarify organizational goals.
      • Succession planning:  advise on executive search, recruiting, hiring, orientation, leadership transition, professional development and retention.
    • Capacity Building Approaches
      • Conduct organizational reviews to assess allocation of fiscal and staff resources.
      • Design and conduct board and staffing capacity assessments to identify areas of success and areas in need of improvement.
      • Assess management practices in relationship to the organization’s strategic goals.
      • Identify critical issues, priorities and recommend short-term and long-term improvements.
      • Guide management in implementing quick fix solutions and any necessary organizational changes.

I am pleased and honored to recommend Cathy Lieberman as an outstanding consultant on independent school issues (board development, strategic planning, capital campaign planning, financial modeling, etc.).  Elgin Academy has used her services on multiple occasions, including having Cathy lead retreats for our Board of Trustees; she has done an excellent job.  She is the former CFO of the Anshe Emet Day School, has great knowledge of schools and a solid realism about finances. She is insightful, organized, and efficient and will add her special talents to help ensure the success of any project.

If you have a need for an outstanding, talented, consultant, please interview Cathy Lieberman.  You will not be disappointed! She is a dedicated school leader who is thoroughly professional. I am pleased to give her my highest recommendation, without qualification.

Dr. John W. Cooper
Head of School
Elgin Academy

Cathy was my Executive Coach in 2015. I highly recommend her. She customized the coaching sessions and pace of completing the assignments to meet my needs and goals. I learned so much from her and learned so much about myself. The experience of working with her was a joy. She is a great leader. If you are ever looking for a coach, no matter where you are in your career, consider Cathy.

Georgia Delis
HR Director
AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Cathy was hired by the board of the American Physicians and Friends of Medicine in Israel organization to conduct an executive search for a new Executive Director in the summer of 2013. I was fortunate to be the candidate selected for the position. Her screening, interview and reference check processes were thorough. I have been in the executive director position since September 2013 and indeed the role has been a great match for my skills and experience. In addition, she makes sure to keep in touch which is a very important activity for someone in her profession which many don't do. If you're looking for a thorough, assertive yet sensitive person with a business acumen to handle your executive search needs., I would recommend Cathy warmly to you.

Ben Shamir
Executive Director
American Healthcare Professionals and Friends for Medicine in Israel

I hired Cathy to work with Claire, the director of our new business, Ignite@Lillstreet. Claire loved working with Cathy and I was very impressed with the knowledge Cathy imparted to Claire. Cathy helped Claire in the area that she was weakest and we have seen tremendous growth and confidence in Claire's work since her experience with Cathy. We are planning on hiring Cathy again for another project for the Lillstreet Art Center.

Bruce Robbins
Founder/Executive Director
Lillstreet Art Center

It is with great pleasure that I offer remarks of support of Cathy Lieberman. I am the Founder and Executive Director of Bright Pink, a Chicago-based national non-profit organization that provides education, support and a sense of community to young women who are at high-risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Cathy served as the account director and led a team of pro-bono consultants to help our organization create a Board Recruitment strategy. Cathy excels in implementing practical solutions and driving execution on projects with exceptional process and organizational skills. She has a very diplomatic approach which allows her to be strong and courageous in managing complex dynamic issues. She is always willing to deliver the tough messages in a positive way to ultimately affect meaningful organizational change. Through Cathy's leadership, the Bright Pink Board of Directors is evolving from a founding, working board to a governing board composed of diverse individuals who will help ensure the organization is positioned for exponential growth in furthering our mission of preventing young women from developing breast and ovarian cancer.

Lindsay Avner
Executive Director
Bright Pink