Objective:  Guide leaders to:

    • Uncover innovative solutions to organizational challenges.
    • Improve management and governance capacity.
    • Develop and implement effective organizational change strategies.


    • Guide the individual and/or organizational team through a structured assessment and planning process.
    • Partner with executives, staff and team members to challenge, stretch and clarify goals.
    • Work with a limited number of organizations at one time to offer each client full attention and commitment.
    • Provide access to resources as needed and share network.

Expected Outcomes:

    • Strategies and action plans that are clear and focused.
    • Executives become more positive, purposeful, and motivated to achieve.
    • Enhanced team productivity and effectiveness.
    • Tangible return on investment with improved business results.

Cathy was hired to prepare an action plan for a non-profit organization for which I was recently elected president. She helped to organize my thoughts as well as those of my Board and develop a 2-year action plan which has been in operation for the past 8 months. Her plan has provided us with several successful accomplishments. I am very pleased with her work.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Paul Scherer
American Physicians and Friends for Medicine in Israel